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Kwanchai Distilled Six Times Vodka


SKU 34476


Crafted on the shores of the Puget Sound, we invite you to try Seattle's very own. Distilled and Blended with glacier water for a smooth feel and finish, a "Sip'n Vodka". For centuries people have been distilling fine grains into spirits, KWANCHAI set its sights on crafting the finest vodka available by blending mountain spring water from the Pacific Northwest. Our ultimate premium vodka is made from the finest corn. Kwanchai Vodka is designed and distilled to achieve an exceptional taste and smoothness in finish. This exquisite vodka offers a GMO free spirit; delightful to sip on its own, over ice or in your favorite premium inspired cocktail. The first time you try, we encourage you to enjoy it "Neat", to ensure taste at maximum capacity. Refreshing to the taste and invigorating to the mind, this choice will not be of squander.
Category Vodka
Country United States
Region Washington
Brand Kwanchai