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Jose Cuervo Platino Tequila


SKU 975347


Jose Cuervo Platino is a lush, vibrant, ultra-premium tequila in which light, herbaceous aromas give way to hints of vanilla and oak. On the palate, a balance of pepper and soft agave flavors lead to a smooth, mellow finish. Well-known spirits expert Dale DeGroff describes Jose Cuervo Platino as "an elegant product" and "a crowd pleaser." The ultra-premium status of Jose Cuervo Platino is reflected in every detail of its packaging. The hand-blown style blue glass bottle features a hand-dipped wax seal and ribbon, cork-finished closure, and hand-signed number and signature. The bottle is presented in a handcrafted wooden box that becomes an impressive display piece when opened.
Category Tequila
Country Mexico
Brand Jose Cuervo